Saturday, January 22, 2011

Geomorph Episode 8

A large natural cave with an overlooking plateau and a small lake...

Geomorph # 008


  1. Just found your blog. Great new geomorphs! I'll be linking to it on the 30th (my blog has a backlog of posts right now, would you believe it?)

    That said, I'm commenting on this morph in particular because

    (a) I like it!
    (b) The left-hand exit on the south side of this morph is offset from the standard template.

  2. (a) Thank you mr Dyson
    (b) No it's not..... (not anymore it isn't!)

  3. And just for the record, I'm a big fan!
    My GM-note-maps are all in what I prefer to call "Dyson-style".......

    Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Aha! So you are Brutus Motor. Since you had the first comment on the mega-map I posted the other day, every other comment shows up in my inbox with your name highlighted.

    I'll be pimping you as soon as the backlog clears up on my blog. Awesome looking geomorphs.