Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I just bought this book.
I like it!
There are some things though, I like less about it than others, such as the format and the binding. Especially the binding. I feel that a book of tables, idea-stuff and quick forms should be "flippable". Well, it's not, because it's hardback. I'd really like a paperback version. And maybe if it was, I wouldn't have a problem with the format, which is, in my humble opinion, just a bit small...... Well, enough disrespect, as the contents of the book are genious. I loved the urbancrawl rules long before the book came out, and I still do. (I really love your maps Zak! Not exactly what I make myself, but they are really interesting). But I think what I like about the book the most has to be the tables.... Especially the books-table, the encounters-table, and the "I search the body"-table! Love it! And all you out there; go get it!!

  Zak's also got a contest going on: "Hack This Book"
(My contribution coming up shortly).