Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Endcaps with entrances..... Mainly for Dave's Mapper.

Geomorph Entrances # 001 - 002


  1. Man I really like your geomorphs. Do you have them available on pdf. I really want to print them out.

  2. Thank you but I'm sorry, I do not have them on pdf. I've been thinking about it, but honestly, I can't seem to find the time :)

  3. Hello. Brutus.

    I was unable to find a direct email link to ask for permission to use your Dave's Mapper tiles. I'm currently using Dave's Mapper to inspire floor plans for an RPG I'm creating.

    Please send an email to tantrumtech@gmail.com if you do not permit use of your tiles.

    Kind thanks and regards.
    - Kyle.