Friday, January 21, 2011

My very own Geomorphs........

Ever since I saw Dysons Geomorphs I've wanted to make my own. And seeing that it really took off with RisusStonewerks and Daves very own mapper deluxe. I want in......... But I couldn't just make any old Geomorph...
I need something that's largely untouched..... Hmmmm... Got it! Large central rooms.
Good old symmetric thronerooms and halls......

So here is number 1 in what I hope will be many! :)

Geomorph # 001

Did I err??


  1. Nice tiles so far. Interested in having them included in the mapper?

  2. Seriously, yes! I was actually hoping you'd ask. (and if you wouldn't have, I'd pretty much ask you....)

    Thanks David!

  3. No problem - just send me a quick e-mail at the e-mail address listed on the bottom of the About section of the app so I can ask a few questions before adding your tiles.