Friday, January 20, 2012


GURPS Hit Location d20

I've never been an evil GM. I've never went for killing blows, dirty tricks, or even headshots. But I do want combat in my games to feel real, and I think it's a bit of a downer for my players when they know I'm being too kind with them. 
So I invented the GURPS Hit Location d20!
It's got 6 Torso sides, left and right versions for arms, legs, feet, and hands.
It's also got vitals, groin, face, neck, and 2 sides with skull.
All sides also have the corresponding negative to-hit modifier.
The good people over at helped me with the physical construction of this device.
It was quite expensive, it being custom made and all, $50 for two dice. But it was definitely worth it.
Now, when I attack the players I roll this baby with my standard GURPS issue 3d6 and just add up all the numbers. 
A vitals impaling hit for 14 damage before multiplication?? Not my fault!

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